The Proof Of The Pudding.

We’ve all heard the phrase – “The proof of the pudding… is in the eating”. Said to mean that you can only really judge the quality of something after you have tried, tested, or experienced it, not just by appearance or theory, right?

Well that certainly has been the case with addvantage, (sold in the UK under the brand name of Alchemist).

Following more than a decade of R&D and rigorous testing in the U.K., this globally patented, fuel saving, retrofit device for heavy duty trucks is now delivering truly  impressive results in real world trials.

Solid orders are in from early adopters such as Wells Farm Dairy Ltd – we’re confident the “herd” will follow… (Pun intended).

“In this competitive market where it’s important to deliver good value to our customers we at Wells Farm are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon impact on the environment and remain competitive.

…We fitted The Alchemist fuel saving and emission reduction technology… Over a 7-week period we have seen an MPG improvement of up 20% which means a reduction of 20% on CO2 emission. The net savings will end up at around 15% once all contract fees are taken into consideration.

Installing the system was quick and easy. We are very impressed with the Alchemist product and will be installing LPG bunkering facilities at our depot in preparation for the roll out of fitting our entire fleet with this impressive fuel saving technology,

Mark Holt- Director

In the UK as in the US, margins are increasingly tight for all trucking fleets. Haulage and freight companies around the world are continually seeking ways to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

In the US we have engage with a leading, nationally recognised industry authority the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), to independently verify our on-road test data for the North American market.

Meanwhile, in the UK, trials and demos continue to convert sceptics into raving fans which in turn will convert into valuable customers;

“We had reservations to begin with, however performance improved very significantly and immediately. From the first day onwards, our driver reported smoother gear changes, higher low end torque and much improved overall performance.

When analysed against the control data, we saw an average 16.78% increase in MPG.

We are now adding this product across our fleet which will mean substantial financial benefits to our business as well as reducing CO2 and all other vehicle emissions significantly.”

M. J Bowyer Logistics Director MJD Group of Companies

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