From drawing board to drawing attention

We had been searching long and hard for just the right tractor/trailer combination on which to install addvantage ahead of a major new testing and proving program here in the US. It will also serve as a stand out demo unit at expos and trade shows all across the country.

Job done.

After due consideration we selected a brand new Kenworth T680 sleeper, fitted with a Cummings X15 engine – the engine fitted to almost 35% of all new heavy duty trucks in the US and the only engine to be offered by every major manufacturer, ideal. We then added a 53 foot Stoughton trailer to complete our demo unit.

Truck purchased – Next – the designers in the studio set to work on the graphics.

Once the final artwork was approved – it took two full days days to physically print the wrap and then the application process could begin.

We’re absolutely delighted with the result. This little beauty will be turning heads wherever it goes. It will also be turning in results. addvantage delivers a 15% fuel efficiency improvement – now that’s something trucking fleets can bank on – literally.

One thing we’re missing is a ‘name’. What would you name this fuel efficient, emission reducing beauty if it were yours?

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