The economics are irresistible

“The entire US economy is dependent on heavy-duty trucking fleets to move products around the country,” says Weston Labar, CEO of the Harbour Trucking association at the port of Long Beach, California.

Many of the 4 million trucks on US highways today are run by independent owner-operators. Far more, however, belong to sizeable fleets. Several hundred fleets operate with between 250-500 trucks.

The economics of installing addvantage are compelling, even to an individual operator to a trucking fleet with 500 trucks they are irresistible.

addvantage is a globally patented, retrofit, clean technology system that reduces fuel consumption and reduces harmful emissions on heavy-duty class 8 trucks.

Imagine a company with a fleet of 500 trucks, covering 100,000 miles per year per truck at an average of 6.5 mpg. After the cost of diesel, the LPG injected and the addvantage technology installed – that fleet with 500 trucks could achieve a net saving of over $1,695,385 per year with no capital outlay.

Compelling economics – and better for the environment. A winning combination.

“As a team, we’ve got one simple mission: to transform the economics of the American transportation industry and, at the same time, dramatically reduce emissions – leaving the world a better place as a result” explains Daniel Mitchell, CEO of addvantage.

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