Great news from Emissions Analytics.

Emissions Analytics are recognized as one of the leading independent global testing and data specialist for emissions, and engine performance (

Emissions Analytics recently conducted an independent trial which found the addvantage technology to underpin real-world results.

The main highlights were:

“NOx emissions are reduced by 42% in urban driving, where air quality issues are greatest; and reduced by up to 83% in faster driving conditions. With the injection of LPG in small precise doses, diesel consumption is reduced by up to 17.6%.”

The testing also highlighted the ability to profile the product to suit individual market applications i.e. it will be possible to reduce emissions further at the expense of fuel economy – ideal for lower mileage inner city applications that are coming under increasing regulatory pressure.

For further information on how your fleet can benefit from retrofitting this amazing technology to your class 8 trucks, please email