The search is over…

We’re thrilled to announce our search for our Technical Operations Director is over. Meet Kevin Campbell.

We engaged the services of a leading international headhunter with a very focussed brief and a single mission: find us the very best expert in trucking fuel-saving technologies to lead the addvantage Technology team. We’re pleased that Kevin Campbell not only met the brief precisely but has agreed to join addvantage .

With 23 years’ experience in the trucking industry, Kevin also brings with him a wealth of experience in fuel-saving technologies for the trucking industry.

In addition to managing customer trials, installation, testing and accreditation, Kevin will also be working with customers to make certain they achieve the highest levels of savings possible from the addvantage system.

Explaining his decision to join addvantage , Kevin says:

“I’ve worked on lots of fuel-saving technologies for the trucking industry but addvantage is different. From the day they showed the test data from Europe, I was sold. The addvantage system is proven to deliver fuel savings in excess of 15% – nothing else comes close.”

Kevin Campbell. Technical Operations Director