The three biggest problems facing the US trucking industry today

The entire US economy is reliant on road haulage, but what are the biggest challenges facing the US trucking industry today? We spoke to Weston Labar CEO of the Harbor Trucking Association at the Port of Long Beach.

“The three biggest problems facing the industry today are: emissions reductions, rising fuel costs and the slim margins we operate on.

Across the country, emissions reductions is a key goal not just for regulators, but also for the industry as well. We as an industry need to find ways to transition to cleaner technology and companies like addvantage allow us to do that where we won’t have to increase the cost and become uncompetitive in the marketplace.”

addvantage reduces emissions, improves fuel efficiency and, in an industry where fully 40% of their operating costs are diesel, these savings deliver an improvement to a fleet’s margins that simply cannot be ignored.

In a nutshell,  addvantage uses patented, retrofit technology to interpret data from the truck’s electronic controls to inject a precise amount of propane into the engine, creating more efficient combustion.

Test results for the performance of addvantage have been independently validated by Emissions Analytics. They are a leading independent global testing and data specialist for the scientific measurement of emissions and engine performance.

The results confirmed up to 17.6 % fuel efficiency improvement and a reduction in NOx by up to 83%.

Compelling economics – and better for the environment.

addvantage clean technologies offer both material fuel savings and emissions reductions which is absolutely what our industry needs.” Weston LaBar

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