Diesel and the Future of Trucking

There are more than 4 million Class 8 (tractor-trailer size) vehicles on the road in America today, with more than 98 percent powered by diesel technology.

According to Allen Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Diesel Technology Forum;

“Technology for commercial trucking is changing rapidly and that includes all vehicle, fuel and powertrain choices for the future. Aspirations and predictions for new fuels and technologies are high but must be evaluated in the context of reality.

Diesel will remain the predominant fuel for commercial vehicles through at least 2025, when it retains 96 percent of the medium and heavy-duty market.

Diesel is the most energy efficient internal combustion engine. It has achieved dominance as the technology of choice in the trucking industry over many decades and challenges from many other fuel types. Still, today, diesel offers a unique combination of unmatched features: proven fuel efficiency, economical operation, power, reliability, durability, availability, easy access to fueling and service facilities.

We all benefit from a more efficient freight system. Fuel and powertrain choices are one part of that. The greatest opportunity for efficiency gains, fuel savings, lower greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air – now – is to get more truckers into the newest generation of more fuel efficient and near-zero emissions clean diesel technology, as rapidly as possible.” added Schaeffer.

Asked about the future of diesel engines in trucking, Weston Labar, CEO of the Harbor Trucking Association says:

“We’re decades away from converting entire fleets from diesel for instance to electric because we just don’t know what it’s going to take to do that and we don’t have the wherewithal from an infrastructure standpoint to do it today. And so – until you have a low-cost competitive solution that would be able to rival what diesel brings to the table – you’re never going to be able to get fully away from diesel technology.

addvantage clean technologies offer both material fuel savings and emissions reductions which is absolutely what our industry needs.”

LaBar also confirmed that in the USA the typical fuel consumption of a class 8 heavy-duty truck is approximately 6.5mpg.

The economics are irresistible. Imagine a company with a fleet of 500 trucks, covering 100,000 miles per year per truck at an average of 6.5 MPG. After the cost of diesel, the LPG injected and the addvantage technology installed – that fleet with 500 trucks could achieve a net saving of $1,695,385 per year with no capital outlay.

Retrofit performance improvement for existing class 8 trucks, compelling economics, and better for the environment.

For more information or to arrange a demo, please contact Steve Clarke, our Chief Commercial Officer, on steve@addvantage.net

The three biggest problems facing the US trucking industry today

The entire US economy is reliant on road haulage, but what are the biggest challenges facing the US trucking industry today? We spoke to Weston Labar CEO of the Harbor Trucking Association at the Port of Long Beach.

“The three biggest problems facing the industry today are: emissions reductions, rising fuel costs and the slim margins we operate on.

Across the country, emissions reductions is a key goal not just for regulators, but also for the industry as well. We as an industry need to find ways to transition to cleaner technology and companies like addvantage allow us to do that where we won’t have to increase the cost and become uncompetitive in the marketplace.”

addvantage reduces emissions, improves fuel efficiency and, in an industry where fully 40% of their operating costs are diesel, these savings deliver an improvement to a fleet’s margins that simply cannot be ignored.

In a nutshell,  addvantage uses patented, retrofit technology to interpret data from the truck’s electronic controls to inject a precise amount of propane into the engine, creating more efficient combustion.

Test results for the performance of addvantage have been independently validated by Emissions Analytics. They are a leading independent global testing and data specialist for the scientific measurement of emissions and engine performance.

The results confirmed up to 17.6 % fuel efficiency improvement and a reduction in NOx by up to 83%.

Compelling economics – and better for the environment.

addvantage clean technologies offer both material fuel savings and emissions reductions which is absolutely what our industry needs.” Weston LaBar

For more information or to arrange a demo – email steve@addvantage.net

Great news from Emissions Analytics.

Emissions Analytics are recognized as one of the leading independent global testing and data specialist for emissions, and engine performance (www.emissionsanalytics.com).

Emissions Analytics recently conducted an independent trial which found the addvantage technology to underpin real-world results.

The main highlights were:

“NOx emissions are reduced by 42% in urban driving, where air quality issues are greatest; and reduced by up to 83% in faster driving conditions. With the injection of LPG in small precise doses, diesel consumption is reduced by up to 17.6%.”

The testing also highlighted the ability to profile the product to suit individual market applications i.e. it will be possible to reduce emissions further at the expense of fuel economy – ideal for lower mileage inner city applications that are coming under increasing regulatory pressure.

For further information on how your fleet can benefit from retrofitting this amazing technology to your class 8 trucks, please email steve@addvantage.net

The Proof Of The Pudding.

We’ve all heard the phrase – “The proof of the pudding… is in the eating”. Said to mean that you can only really judge the quality of something after you have tried, tested, or experienced it, not just by appearance or theory, right?

Well that certainly has been the case with addvantage, (sold in the UK under the brand name of Alchemist).

Following more than a decade of R&D and rigorous testing in the U.K., this globally patented, fuel saving, retrofit device for heavy duty trucks is now delivering truly  impressive results in real world trials.

Solid orders are in from early adopters such as Wells Farm Dairy Ltd – we’re confident the “herd” will follow… (Pun intended).

“In this competitive market where it’s important to deliver good value to our customers we at Wells Farm are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon impact on the environment and remain competitive.

…We fitted The Alchemist fuel saving and emission reduction technology… Over a 7-week period we have seen an MPG improvement of up 20% which means a reduction of 20% on CO2 emission. The net savings will end up at around 15% once all contract fees are taken into consideration.

Installing the system was quick and easy. We are very impressed with the Alchemist product and will be installing LPG bunkering facilities at our depot in preparation for the roll out of fitting our entire fleet with this impressive fuel saving technology,

Mark Holt- Director

In the UK as in the US, margins are increasingly tight for all trucking fleets. Haulage and freight companies around the world are continually seeking ways to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

In the US we have engage with a leading, nationally recognised industry authority the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE), to independently verify our on-road test data for the North American market.

Meanwhile, in the UK, trials and demos continue to convert sceptics into raving fans which in turn will convert into valuable customers;

“We had reservations to begin with, however performance improved very significantly and immediately. From the first day onwards, our driver reported smoother gear changes, higher low end torque and much improved overall performance.

When analysed against the control data, we saw an average 16.78% increase in MPG.

We are now adding this product across our fleet which will mean substantial financial benefits to our business as well as reducing CO2 and all other vehicle emissions significantly.”

M. J Bowyer Logistics Director MJD Group of Companies

For more information on the availability of demo product for the US market – please contact steve@addvantage.net.

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Trucking industry stalwart stands behind addvantage.

addvantage is very pleased to announce the engagement of Weston LaBar, executive director and recently appointed CEO of the Harbor Trucking Association.

Weston will advise addvantage on strategic industry issues as well as providing valuable introductions to his extensive network.

In addition to a multitude of duties for the HTA, Weston is also regularly invited to deliver his insight, commentary and to share his vast industry experience as a keynote conference speaker at major national industry, governmental and environmental events.

“The arrival of the addvantage fuel saving technology comes at a time of both growing environmental and economic pressures impacting our industry and more importantly the wider public. I am therefore extremely excited to be working on this project which has the potential to deliver both material fuel savings and emissions reductions which is all very positive for our industry ”.

Weston LaBar

addvantage goes to Hollywood.

When your truck looks as good as ours it needs to be in the movies and there’s only one place for it… Hollywood. Well – actually, just a few miles north of tinseltown, off Interstate 5 on the LA and Kern county borders, Lebec in fact.

Having taken delivery of our new Kenworth T680 and had it wrapped nose to tail with the most fabulous head turning graphics we decided it was the perfect time to shoot a promotional video for our website and grab some super stills for other marketing material whilst the truck is in absolute pristine condition.

We arrived for the crew call and briefing with the director first thing in the morning. The location – Tejon Ranch, Lebec.

Extending to over 270,000 acres this working ranch is a truly stunning place. It was to form an impressive backdrop for our shoot.

Tejon offers a dramatic tapestry of rugged mountains, steep canyons, oak-covered rolling hills, and broad valleys.  Oaks of almost every kind can be found on the land, as can conifer forests, and Joshua trees.

The drone crew set up their “Inspire II”. It shoots high resolution video and still images. It requires a camera operator and a qualified pilot. Not surprising given that it can be flown remotely from 6 miles away and at speeds of up to 60 MPH. We didn’t push the envelope!

In the chase vehicle was a second video camera and a stills photographer capturing behind the scenes images throughout the day. And to complete the team, an environmentalist from Tejon Ranch who was on hand to track their amazing Condors, Eagles, and other wildlife to ensure we didn’t interfere with them, and visa versa.

The director had everyone in place his story board to follow and his shot list in hand. Action!

The drone was airborne, the truck started to roll.

Cut – regroup and go again.

The “chicken shot” was great fun to setup and witness.

It involved the drone pilot sitting on the rear of the flatbed in the chase vehicle. The drone was positioned between the truck and the crew flying backwards just a couple of feet off the ground. The convoy started to roll. The truck built up speed to 20, 25, 30, 35… All the time the drone was very slowly backing down the road at very low level with the gigantic green monster hurtling towards it.

Through radio contact, the director calmly and carefully choreographed the action between the pilot, the camera operator, and the drivers of the chase vehicle and truck. As the Kenworth closed in who would chicken out? The driver of our truck didn’t want a bug on his windshield far less a huge drone and camera rig. The drone pilot didn’t was to kiss goodbye to his $6,500 toy.

With split second precision, as the truck closed on the drone it rose swiftly into the air and captured the moment the truck passed safely under it. Cut!

One by one the director ticked off his shot list. Action, cut, Action, cut.

As temperatures rose, nudging 100 degrees, it was time for some respite from the heat. We broke for lunch and reviewed the footage in the shade of a beautiful oak that had been withstanding the scorching sun for hundreds of years.

Paul, our director, briefed the team on the next sequence of shots he was looking for and everybody got back to their stations. Action.

Video shoot – done!

Some great promotional footage obtained, but this is not all about image and marketing. This is about dramatic improvements in fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.

Now the real work starts.

Our demo truck, with addvantage retrofitted in just 4 hours will now undergo intensive independent studies to verify the results and produce irrefutable data to provide early adopters the comfort that they’ve made the right decision to retrofit our product.

In the UK and Europe customers have been achieving in excess of 15% in fuel efficiency gains in real world, over the road scenarios. That means additional profits dropping straight to their bottom line.,

In an industry with such notoriously tight margins, the improvements we can deliver to US trucking fleets are substantial. We are significantly driving down one of the major expenses a trucking fleet faces – diesel. Even a small improvement in fuel efficiency can transform margins – imagine what a fuel reduction of 15% would do for a business.

To find out about our free demo program please contact enquiries@addvantage.net or call 844 484 9084

From drawing board to drawing attention

We had been searching long and hard for just the right tractor/trailer combination on which to install addvantage ahead of a major new testing and proving program here in the US. It will also serve as a stand out demo unit at expos and trade shows all across the country.

Job done.

After due consideration we selected a brand new Kenworth T680 sleeper, fitted with a Cummings X15 engine – the engine fitted to almost 35% of all new heavy duty trucks in the US and the only engine to be offered by every major manufacturer, ideal. We then added a 53 foot Stoughton trailer to complete our demo unit.

Truck purchased – Next – the designers in the studio set to work on the graphics.

Once the final artwork was approved – it took two full days days to physically print the wrap and then the application process could begin.

We’re absolutely delighted with the result. This little beauty will be turning heads wherever it goes. It will also be turning in results. addvantage delivers a 15% fuel efficiency improvement – now that’s something trucking fleets can bank on – literally.

One thing we’re missing is a ‘name’. What would you name this fuel efficient, emission reducing beauty if it were yours?

For further information on our 30 day free demo program call 844 484 9084 or email us at enquiries@addvantage.net

Early scepticism turns to delight as net fuel savings nudge 17%

Following extensive trials, MJD Group in the UK has ordered the addvantage system for their entire fleet. Installation is already underway, and the schedule to equip the entire fleet is being drawn up to coincide with each vehicles routine maintenance stop eliminating any unnecessary down time.

MJD Group demoed the fuel saving technology on their own trucks in real-world conditions for a full month.

It would be an understatement to say that as they entered the trial phase they were somewhat sceptical regarding the company’s bold, double digit MPG improvement claims.  However, this early scepticism was laid to rest almost as soon as the trial began. They were delighted with both performance improvements reported by their drivers and the dramatic fuel saving of almost 17% achieved.

Profit margins in the trucking industry worldwide are notoriously tight. Fleet operators are continually seeking new and innovative methods to improve efficiencies. Every small improvement in fuel efficiency counts, the savings delivered via addvantage can transform margins and give an operator a huge competitive edge.

Like many fleets, MJD had investigated and rejected all number of solutions involving alternative fuel conversions and even dual fuel systems due to high upfront capital costs and lengthy payback periods – neither of which relate to fitting addvantage.

So what’s involved? Simply put; using live onboard powertrain telemetry and proprietary software, precisely calibrated levels of LPG (under 5%) are injected into the engine to create more efficient combustion, delivering a substantial fuel saving as a result.

On placing the order, Mr Bowyer, Logistics Director of MJ Group explained their decision:

 “We had reservations to begin with, however performance improved very significantly and immediately. From the first day onwards, our driver reported smoother gear changes, higher low end torque and much improved overall performance. When analysed against the control data, we saw an average 16.78% increase in MPG. We are now adding this product across our fleet which will mean substantial financial benefits to our business as well as reducing CO2 and all other vehicle emissions significantly.”

J Bowyer, Logistics Director, MJD Group of Companies

Professor Sanjeev Khagram joins addvantage advisory board

addvantage is privileged to have Professor Sanjeev Khagram join our US Advisory Board.

Sanjeev is currently the Dean of the Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University as well as senior advisor to the LA Mayor’s Office. He has also worked with global organizations and governments all around the world, including major US corporations such as Facebook, GE and Walmart.

Widely published, Professor Khagram has held visiting professorships at Harvard among others. Educated at Stanford, and holding 2 PhDs as well as his Masters and undergraduate degrees, Professor Khagram bridges the divide between politics, business and academia including professional associations and universities all over the world from the local to international levels.

On accepting the post with addvantage Professor. Khagram explained:

“I am delighted to sit on the US Advisory Board of addvantage and to be associated with their proven retrofit fuel saving technology. addvantage is delivering 15% plus fuel savings to fleet operators and reducing emissions – a winning combination. This represents an exciting clean tech breakthrough for the heavy-duty trucking industry and the environment.”

The search is over…

We’re thrilled to announce our search for our Technical Operations Director is over. Meet Kevin Campbell.

We engaged the services of a leading international headhunter with a very focussed brief and a single mission: find us the very best expert in trucking fuel-saving technologies to lead the addvantage Technology team. We’re pleased that Kevin Campbell not only met the brief precisely but has agreed to join addvantage .

With 23 years’ experience in the trucking industry, Kevin also brings with him a wealth of experience in fuel-saving technologies for the trucking industry.

In addition to managing customer trials, installation, testing and accreditation, Kevin will also be working with customers to make certain they achieve the highest levels of savings possible from the addvantage system.

Explaining his decision to join addvantage , Kevin says:

“I’ve worked on lots of fuel-saving technologies for the trucking industry but addvantage is different. From the day they showed the test data from Europe, I was sold. The addvantage system is proven to deliver fuel savings in excess of 15% – nothing else comes close.”

Kevin Campbell. Technical Operations Director